Tom Courtright

Bio: Though an American now living in Fiji, your correspondent has lived in other places before. I was a tyke in Blantyre, Malawi for my first two years, before my folks moved stateside to Bellingham, Washington for nearly seven years. I moved to Moshi, Tanzania (at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro) a month after 9/11, and lived there until I graduated from the International School of Moshi in 2010. I moved stateside to spend my freshman Hiram College in tiny Hiram, Ohio, before I wisely transferred across the Midwestern cornfields to Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. At Knox I studied International Relations, Journalism and Spanish, completing an Honors project on Chinese-African relations (focusing on Tanzania and Zambia as case studies) in May 2014. I moved to Fiji on September 4, 2014, to serve as a Community Health Empowerment Volunteer for Peace Corps, hoping to get involved in grassroots development work as well as gender and sexual education work.

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2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi..was reading through your page. Found it really interesting. Are you only working towards health, what about climate change and sustainable environment. Sigatoka, which is known as coral coast really need to be a focused area in relation to environment and health of people in the villages.


    1. hey, if you read through the posts you’ll see I’m not really doing any health work. Sigatoka has had volunteers for a long time, but it’s a very touristy and comparatively wealthy area and that makes it difficult for us in our attempts to integrate into the community as well as reduces the amount of work for us to do. Thanks for the suggestion though!


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