fiji life updates

It’s halfway through August; and this is where I’m at.

The dictionary is in the final stage of editing. Master Meli, a headteacher that is also the son of well-respected ex-politician and chief of the Waruta clan Momo Avisai Tora is currently looking over the entries one last time before we go to press. The historical introduction is coming together as well.

Three out of four of the WWII monuments are finished, and we are having the official opening on Tuesday. I was getting a little stressed out last week worrying about planning as I was getting very vague answers from people who made me run around asking other people things, but people told me to stop worrying so I’m like fuck it, it’ll all work out. We have the Deputy Chief of Mission from the US Embassy as our Chief Guest, and have invited members of the media, both newsprint and TV.

Next month I’ll be going to Moala for a week with Alan to visit Tom and Carly. See that outer island lifestyle. Then I might host volunteers from the new group for a few days before I have David and Sam come in for two weeks in October. Early November will be the swearing-in for the new group, and with any luck, they’ll assign one here to Sabeto who I can show around before I COS and leave Fiji for San Francisco on December 1st.


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