Life Moves Relentlessly Forward

It’s been a month and a half since I’ve written. What happened? Mostly, a lot of fairly awful shit, including Cyclone Winston, which at this point I’m sick of writing about, but also excuses my not writing, because no electricity. Also a really fun visit to Adi’s site in the Yasawas, beach living.

Right now Travis, the closest volunteer to me, and I are currently consolidated in a hotel because three tropical depressions are flooding the area. Yesterday it was waist-height to get to the bus stand. Sabeto village itself is above the flood, but there are a few low-lying houses. The next two tropical depressions are hitting tonight and tomorrow. A student from Sabeto College drowned.

Other awful things? Stephen, a good friend from college, died while pursuing his dream teaching English in China, a week before Winston. Other people died, including a PCV in Mozambique, a friend’s host mom, my best friend from college’s grandmom, and a high school counselor. Life moves relentlessly forward.

Good things? I’m still alive, and so are you if you are reading this. And we keep moving, because you can’t really stop, because that’s depressing and sucks.

Unfortunately, the lack of electricity is making it hard to work on the dictionary/climate change resilience guide. But you know who does have electricity? This fancy hotel.


I hope you are well.


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